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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exploring Social CRM

Found a very interesting article today on Allusiness.com concerning why companies have not been faster to implement Social CRM opportunities (Social CRM is using networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in place of traditional phone lines). The article basically blames the recession for thwarting innovation and therefore acceptance of Social CRM techniques.

Not sure if this is the reason or not, but we are sure that customers at most companies do not find the customer service they are receiving to be acceptable... just look at the charts on the http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/ home page!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

CustomerServiceScoreboard.com Launched!

Continuing with our mission to expose the good and bad in the world of customer service, we have recently launched a new site at http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/. The site allows customers to get an idea about the customer service and customer support they can expect to receive and hundreds of leading companies.

The site allows users to comment on and rate their customer service experience with about 500 of the largest companies. These ratings (separated into 5 categories) and comments are then grouped together and scored in order to come up with an overall rating to compare against other companies. Comments are separated between positive and negative, and there is also an area for employees within companies to leave comments of their own.

Even though the site has just launched, the results have been incredible! We already have nearly 150 companies with enough feedback to generate scores. The site has also been featured on a number of other web sites:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Customer service tips from the BBB

The BBB might deal with more customer service complaints than any other organization. In this article, they offer 2 very simple tips that every business hsould follow:
  1. Train your employees
  2. Treat your customer as you would want to be treated

Seems easy, right? Unfortunately, it is apparent that most companies today seem unwilling to do either of these things on a consistent basis.

If your problems with a company get so bad that you need help, this is a good article for How to Use the Better Business Bureau.