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Friday, July 10, 2009

BoycottOwl.com Launched!

We have recently added a new web site to our portfolio aimed at enforcing corporate responsibility. The new web site, http://www.boycottowl.com/, allows visitors to organize boycotts of companies, organizations, etc. Once organized, the site provides many tools for helping promote and manage the boycott. We think this will be a very useful tool for consumers to empower themselves to effectuate change through strength of numbers.

A few features include:
  • Targeting of boycotts based upon user characteristics including race/ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual preference
  • Ability to list boycott description and demands as well as videos related to the boycott
    Many viral marketing tools to spread the word including integration with Twitter, ability to email friends, etc.
  • Complete controls over boycott including messaging to other boycott participants
  • Geo-mapping for seeing location of boycott participants
  • Companies have the ability to respond to the boycott through the site
  • Powerful community tools associated with each boycott including forum, avatars, etc.

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