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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sears customer service executive reaches out

Based in large part on the number of negative comments regarding Sears customer service on both ContactHelp.com and CustomerServiceScoreboard.com, a member of the Sears Cares executive team reached out with the following post:

Dear Sears Customers My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares executive team. It is disappointing to read about the problems that you have experienced with Sears. We are concerned with the service you have received and would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you regarding your experiences. At your convenience please contact my office via email at searscares@searshc.com so we can further discuss your concerns. We would be more than glad to discuss any questions, concerns, and experiences you may have. In your email please provide a brief description of your issue and a phone number where we can contact you at your convenience.

Thank you, David V. Senior Case Manager

It sure is nice to see a company offer to make things right with its customers. We applaud Sears customer service for taking this step!


  1. I understand why people have problems. We have a T.V. that died on 8/15/09 and just to find out where the parts were for it, and then get the part that was missing several other parts is unacceptable. Still nothing from them about the replacement voucher,due to the fact it was still under warrantee.

  2. I've spent hours with the "customer care" group referenced above at searshc.com over the last few weeks.

    My personal opinion is they are in place to help mitigate all of the negative posts online, not to solve or compensate for horrific service.

    I'll continue to negotiate again tomorrow but they just don't understand that 12 days to repair a refrigerator freezer still under warranty is even an issue let alone constructively solve our problem snd compensate us for our losses and inconvenience.

    The rep I spoke with was the worst customer representative I've ever had the displeasure to be connected to. Ridiculous lies. Uncooperative. Inability to listen or understand. Refusal to transfer to management.
    And if you want an abrasive blowhard who excels in speaking over your concerns instead of listening look no further.

    My rep actually insisted he reported directly to Bruce Johnston the CEO of Sears when I asked to speak to his manager. When I told him he was lying to me I asked if Mr Johnston did his performance review he actually stated that it was handled by the Board of Directors.

    After that whopper I asked for his last name and he replied, I don't have to give that to you.

    It would be funny if it didn't cost us hundreds of dollars and forced us to live like hillbillies without a working refrigerator for nearly two weeks. (Even though there is a medical need here to refrigerate insulin and another medicine.)

    Why should we absorb the loss of hundreds of dollars worth of food because
    it's not uncommon to wait so long for a warranty repair.

    One person said that in certain areas people are waiting 2-3 weeks for repairs.

    If I would have known a refrigerator-freezer warranty would be so costly and take so long I would have run from the store.

    I worked for Sears Service while in college and this level of service would have never been tolerated.

    I'll never buy another Sears product

    Someone above commented that it's nice to see a company offer to make things right. That's really funny. From my perspective they do the absolute minimum and hope you'll shut up.

    If you have any doubt get involved with searscares@searshc.com

  3. "David" probably doesn't exist; that post was from September 2009; I'm writing on Aug. 19, 2010, after reading more than 400 horror stories about Sears on the net -- too late to cancel a $500 refrigerator purchase, which the salesman later described as a "lower-end" model when we asked about buying accessories. Naturally, those accessories don't exist. He suggested we visit The Dollar Tree.

    Wish we had.

  4. hi everyone ,
    I have purchased a brand new stainless steel on june 30th 2010 for 2000$. i haven't used for almost 2weeks after delivery because i was moving to a new house .after 2 weeks i have started having problem with the fridge which i had 5 technician visit within 2 weeks.finaly the last technician found out that the fridge had isolation problem on production line .simply meaning a defective product.
    august 03/2010 i have called to find out what was going on and to find out about their decision ..trust me these people who answeres the phone are the worst ,big cheater and a team of committed to shit customer service .i guess these people are sitting with their fat asses on the chair doing nothing and while i was insisting to talk to their manager or a decision maker they were simply hanging up the phone..is this right?

    The product that sears carries are generally not bad but if you run into a problem with the product ,get atleast 2 months off from your work because you need to confront these fat asses every single day and each call takes atlease 1 hour to get through.

    sep/13/2010 i still have no news from these people the fridge is not working , plus it gives electric shock on the handle if it is plugged so i can not use it at all.

    i don't know how to get this shit fixed now..
    if someone knows any phone number of their high authority ,i realy apreciate that.

  5. Are you still interested in hearing from Customers about your service. I have been dealing with Sears as a Customer for over 30 years and finally have a terrible story to report. Nothing like this has every happened - worst problem is that the CSR's do not seem to care.